2020 Summer Clinic COVID-19 Procedures

The safety of our participants remains of paramount importance to everyone at Ace Academy.

Temperature: At the start of each day all students will have their temperature checked by a coach or volunteer. If a student’s temperature is greater than 100 degrees they will be isolated from other students until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up.

Clinic Cap: In consideration of the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, all students must remain 6 feet apart from one another. To ensure this precaution is being maintained, ACE Academy summer clinics will be limited to 24 students per session.

Water Breaks: During water and snack breaks students will continue to exercise social distancing procedures. Volunteers and coaches will provide chilled bottled water courtside to prevent gathering, allowing students to maintain a 6 feet minimum distance from one another. Additionally, hand sanitizer will be available to students at all times during camp.

Equipment: Before each day of the clinic all shared equipment will be sanitized. This includes rackets, balls, seating areas, water and snack coolers, and ball hoppers. Additionally ACE academy will increase the number of balls on the court to lessen the amount of contact with them as well as regularly changing out the tennis balls.

Staff: All staff members, coaches, and volunteers will wear PPE/ masks at all times during instruction. Students will not be required to wear a mask during activity but will be provided with one to wear into and out of camp each day.

We are constantly reviewing CDC as well as State guidelines and will revise and adjust as we strive to provide safe learning and playing environment for all our athletes.