The Great Shutdown

An unprecedented global health crisis has paralyzed our economy, derailed our communities, tested our healthcare systems and resources.  Our enemy though invisible is not stronger than our ingenuity, our shared human spirit, and our resolve. During these trying times, the remains of hope for a better tomorrow may seem destitute among the negativity which currently looms. In the midst of this Great pandemic, we all have the responsibility to help out, and ACE Academy is no exception!

Healthcare providers working in North County St. Louis are often overlooked when it comes to receiving aid in the form of Personal Protective Equipment like masks. In keeping with ACE Academy’s founding principles, a new call to action has presented itself in order to help keep the elderly and at-risk population of Saint Louis safe during this outbreak. To help with this we have reached out to numerous Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers to deliver cloth masks for the faculty and staff working to keep these communities safe. In addition to the masks we have personally acquired and donated, we thank everyone at Armor, Your Medical Community, St Louis. Community Helping Hands and The Forai Organization for their help in providing masks.

In the middle of this darkness, we at Ace Academy are hard at work supporting the valiant efforts of our numerous healthcare hero’s including our first responders, nurses, aids and many others at these nursing homes who work to shield our elderly population, keeping them safe, healthy and away from harm.

As we transition to restart our economy we remain strong in our resolve, methodical in our organized and gradual approach to reopen our businesses and firm in our quest to regain our place as the strongest economy that we have always been. The new normal remains to be seen but we will get there together because the lights of humanity cannot be shut down! Not even in darkness!